My name is Lanchen Mihalic and I'm a 30 year old multi-media artist whose dream of becoming an astronaut lead to exploring the depths of our universe and growing the space community through art.

Growing up in Ormond Beach, Florida meant that watching rocket launches, staring at the stars and loving space was a normal interest. It also may come as no surprise that my dream job as a child was to become an astronaut, which played a big role later in life. 

From a young age though, I knew I wanted to create. I dabbled in countless creative hobbies from building furniture to special FX makeup to assistant camera, you name it, I've probably done. It wasn't until age 18 that I realized if I wanted to create forever, my creations needed a path. Something I had interest in, something I could build a community around and something meaningful. This is when my space art was born. After attempting my first space painting on canvas, I vowed to myself that it would be the only type of art I would ever create.

From there I chose to paint impressionism space art because I didn't want to create what had been discovered, I distinctly wanted to create what we hadn't. Not only was this an art form that resonated with my whole being but it also made my dream of exploring the cosmos feel tangible. If we are all star dust, then I am the universe, creating itself.  

On my painting journey I began science communication, attending star parties, astronomy lectures, connecting with others in the STEAM field and actually becoming a part of the space community as well as growing it. 

After six years into painting, I discovered fellow artist, Sarah Caudle whose epoxy resin beach art inspired the idea to create nebulas using the same medium. Six months of planning and saving, I poured my first resin nebula and created what has now become my signature art style. Ten years later, I was able to officially quit my 9 - 5 job and call myself a full time artist. 

P.S. Even though my dream of becoming an astronaut hasn't come true (yet), I still think it will.